Healthcare and Electronic Waste

Recycle San Diego has partnered with the local healthcare industry from Hospitals, Dental, Vision, Medical Billing centers, Assisted Living to a number of smaller human healthcare and even veterinarian clinics! We recognize the importance of electronic devices that may be approaching the end of their useful lives and the prudent management surrounding Electronic Health Records (EHR) with regards to HIPPA and HITECH.

In addition, we can provide you with CERTIFICATE OF RECYCLING and/or a CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION, which certifies that the materials we received were handled in strict compliance with State and Federal regulations. The Certificates release our clients from all liability and puts the burden of safe recycling on us. This documented information is important for your records and for contesting any claims. So whether you’re in Human or Animal Healthcare, disposing of your obsolete electronics are done properly through Recycle San Diego.

Latest Technology

We utilize state of the art recycling technology through our downstream recyclers and internally use cloud-based technology to manage your obsolete electronics. Our software connects every aspect of the recycling operation seamlessly and reflects data in real-time. You can log in and view past orders as well as orders that are in process. This allows you to be compliance with State and Federal e-waste disposal laws.


Recycle San Diego is 100% compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the most recent Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH), which expanded the scope of certain provisions in HIPAA and its enabling regulations. Portions of these Acts were established in regards to the way in which electronic data is discarded and destroyed.

To protect you against liability we have developed our e-waste removal and recycling process to be in strict compliance with all HIPAA and HITECH guidelines, and have processes in place to remain current on the latest local, state and federal laws regarding electronic waste disposal.

FAQ’s from the Department of Health and Human Services regarding HIPAA and Protected Health Information is available at:



For companies with over 150 employees we will host a free electronics-recycling day at your company. Employees can bring any amount of electronics to work to have it recycled for free. Ask us how to set up a yearly e-waste recycling day.