Commercial Property Management

Recycle San Diego works locally with commercial property managers and landlords of office buildings, multi-unit residential properties, hotels, multi-use facilities, arenas and other public venues, large campuses, and mixed-use properties to recycle their electronic waste.

In addition, we can provide you with a CERTIFICATE OF RECYCLING and/or a CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION, which certifies that the materials we received were handled in strict compliance with State and Federal regulations. The Certificates release our clients from all liability and puts the burden of safe electronics recycling on us.

This documented information is important for your records and for contesting any claims. Recycle San Diego is your local one stop for all single or multiple property locations in disposing of all electronic waste materials.

Latest Technology

We utilize state of the art recycling technology through our downstream recyclers and internally use cloud-based technology to manage your obsolete electronics. Our software connects every aspect of the recycling operation seamlessly and reflects data in real-time. You can log in and view past orders as well as orders that are in process. This allows you to be compliance with State and Federal e-waste disposal laws.


Recycle San Diego works with Commercial Property Managers to host free electronics-recycling days at your building for tenants. Tenants and their employees can bring any amount of electronics to work to have it recycled for free. Ask us how to set up a yearly e-waste recycling day.

Recycle San Diego and the US Green Building Council’s LEED program

Recycle San Diego is your local leader in meeting the electronics waste recycling standards for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Let us help you save your business from having to navigate through the complex and time-consuming process of managing your e-waste collection. We can even set up an event at your business to assist in participating with various Green E-Waste initiatives for you and your employees. For more information about becoming LEED certified, please contact the United States Green Building Council at