Recycle your old laptop computers

Since 2010, almost all homes and companies use laptop computers to run their daily lives.  Laptops come in all shapes and sizes from very small netbooks to large media center versions.  Some are designed to be power efficient and allows the consumer to enjoy using their laptop without plugging it in for up to 10 hours.   But what happens after a few years of use? Most people and companies decide to get a newer, faster, more energy efficient laptop.  This is why Recycle San Diego has provided free laptop recycling in San Diego since 2006.

Feel free to get rid of an laptop, whether it works or not, by bringing it to Recycle San Diego’s warehouse weekdays or one of our free eWaste recycling events.

Open Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm and Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm.  Drop-off is free during those hours.



Worried about the data left on your laptop?

At Recycle San Diego you can watch us physically destroy your hard drive right in front of you.

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Why recycle your old laptop?

Electronics such as laptops, computers, monitors, and TVs contain high amounts of lead and other toxic chemicals. Taking them to Recycle San Diego ensures that those chemicals don’t make their way into the environment.