Where to Recycle in the Wooded Area Neighborhood of San Diego

Geography and Other Facts about the Wooded Area

The Wooded Area is one of the many neighborhood areas that makes up the Point Loma community in the great city of San Diego. This particular neighborhood is located close to the La Playa, Roseville-Fleetridge, and Sunset Cliffs areas on all different sides of the neighborhood. One of the interesting facts about this neighborhood is that its borders are contested by many who live in the area, and different maps show different boundary lines drawn on them for the area. The Point Loma Nazarene University is located in close proximity to the western side of the Wooded Area.


If you live in the San Diego area, then you are probably well aware of the strides the city is taking to go Green. San Diego has made it one of their top goals and priorities to try and make the area cleaner, with better air and water, and less garbage going to the landfills on a daily basis. One of the tools that the city has been using is recycling. There are many great companies and centers that are dedicated to doing their part to preserve the environment by offering recycling services for a broad range of waste materials.

One such company is the A-1 Alloys company. This company pays top dollar to all individuals who are looking to recycle their scrap metal. They accept a wide variety of materials, including many different forms of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, exotic alloys, and much more. If you have old computers and other types of electronics you would like to recycle, A-1 Alloys will also take these items and properly dispose of them for you. You will have to take your scrap metal into the A-1 Alloys location in order to recycle the material.

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