Your Uptown Recycling Options

Before you throw that aluminum can in the trash, you need to take a moment to think. Did you know that everything you throw in the trashcan will go straight to the landfill? There is no one working behind the scenes to recycle things. Instead, it is up to you to make smart decisions for the environment. When you throw away a few trash bags a week, you are throwing away approximately a thousand gallons of trash each year. Do you really want to be adding so much to the landfills that are already overflowing?

The Landfill Crisis

The country is dealing with a landfill crisis. They are all overflowing and the scariest part is that they are overflowing with non biodegradable items. That means those are items that will never break down. That literally means never. Your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be dealing with the same landfill problem. We have to stop adding things to the landfills now, and that means recycling as much as we can. If you live in the Uptown area, then you have plenty of recycling options in the 92103 zip code.

Where to Go

There are plenty of places where you can recycle in the Uptown area. Even if you do not find a location here that appeals to you, then you will be glad to know that all of the San Diego recycling centers are just minutes away. In the Uptown area, you have access to the following recycling centers.

  • Assistance League of San Diego
  • The Uptown Bargain Box
  • Fred’s Junk Removal
  • Recycle San Diego

You can easily recycle in the Uptown area. You do not have to throw all of that trash away in the landfills, and you can make a difference that will be a big difference in the environment for you, your family and for generations to come.

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