Torrey Hills Recycling Made Easy

If you live in the Torrey Hills area, then you have access to all of the things that San Diego has to offer. Convenience is easy in the city, and this would include recycling options. Even if you have never done any recycling before, it can be easy if you just know what to do. All you need to know are three things: why recycle, where to recycle, and what to recycle.

Why to Recycle

Start by knowing why it is so important. Recycling is a big step toward saving the environment. Right now, landfills are in a detrimental state. They are overflowing with non biodegradable items that will just sit there for thousands of years. They are causing pollution in our drinking water systems, and they are causing harm to wildlife and plant life. If you do not recycle in the 92130 zip code area, then you are doing your part to harm the environment.

What to Recycle

The easiest way to think of this is simple: you can recycle almost anything. That would include household goods like paper and plastics. It would also include automobiles, auto parts, and auto fluids. You can even recycle construction materials. Do you know the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink?” You can even recycle that kitchen sink!

Where to Recycle

In the Torrey Hills area, recycling is easy because you have access to all of the centers throughout San Diego. Evergreen Nursery is located right near you and Recycle San Diego is a convenient option as well. You do not have to drive for miles to recycle!

When it comes to recycling in the 92130 zip code, then you have plenty of options. Recycling is easy and it is more important than ever. Be sure to start recycling and be sure to start doing your part for the environment.

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