All about Recycling in the Sunset Cliffs Neighborhood

Geography of the Sunset Cliffs Area

The Point Loma community that is located within the city of San Diego is home to many different beautiful neighborhoods. One of those neighborhoods is Sunset Cliffs. Most neighborhoods in the Point Loma area use the 92106 and 92107 ZIP codes. The Sunset Cliffs neighborhood is surrounded by many other great neighborhoods that are a part of the Point Loma area. The Sunset Cliffs area has beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, as this serves as its western border. It is bordered on the north side by Catalina Boulevard, Santa Barbara Street is the eastern bordered, and Natural Park on the south side of the neighborhood.

Recycling Programs

The news in recent years has been filled with many different scientific reports conducted by some of the leading scientific minds in the world that have demonstrated that our planet has been warming. This warming has been bad for our planet, and as a means to try to reverse or slow down this warming process, the city of San Diego has made it a priority to provide people with more opportunities to try and recycle much of their waste material.

One of the ways people who live in the Sunset Cliffs area can recycle their waste material is through the Old Town Recycling facility. This particular company has been involved in recycling since the late 1980s. Old Town Recycling primarily recycles various types of scrap metal materials. The company has been responsible for helping to prevent millions of pounds of metal waste from going to the landfills in San Diego. There are many benefits for using this particular company to recycle your scrap metal, but one of the biggest reasons is that they pay for your scrap. You can do something good for the environment and make a little bit of money on the side! The center is open 7 days a week.

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