Where to Find Southeast San Diego Recycling

The Southeast community in San Diego has several different centers available for recycling of all types of recyclable materials.  This neighborhood covers quite a few different zip codes, which should make it easy for you to locate the facilities that are within a short distance of your home.  When seeking out recycling centers in southeast San Diego, you can do a search for those that reside in the 92102, 92113, 92114, and 92139 zip codes.  This should open up several different options for you, making it easy to locate a facility that will accept the recyclable materials you need to drop off.

Some Popular Recycling Choices

You can count on some of the more visible recycling centers when you’re doing your search.  These include IMS Recycling Services, which collects scrap metals and junk, SA Recycling, which also specializes in scrap and junk metals, Ekco Materials, which accepts scrap metals, J&R Recycling, which accepts recyclables of the glass, plastic, and metal varieties, Riley Recycling Inc., which also accepts most household recyclables, and Recon Recycling, which specializes in glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum.

Locating Further Recycling Centers

If you cannot find a center that accepts the materials you wish to recycle, you can check with Recycle San Diego at http://localhost:8888/rsd.  This organization can provide you with the names of several different facilities throughout the city that accept any and all recyclable materials.  It’s a great idea to get the contact information for the company you choose so that you can call ahead.  Calling ahead will allow you to learn the operating hours and to verify that the materials you wish to recycle are accepted at your chosen facility.

It is certainly worth the effort you put into finding recycling centers in your area.  We all must do our part to keep our planet clean and green for future generations.

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