Choosing a South Park Recycling Facility

This charming neighborhood in San Diego is located at the southeast corner of Balboa Park, in the 92102 and 92104 zip codes.  Because this is such a trendy community, it is easy to find the bins for recycling in several of the businesses that line the streets.  In fact, you’ll also find some great stores that pride themselves on offering goods created from recycled materials, and that includes anything from leather goods to coffee mugs.

Finding Recycling Centers for Residential Use

Of course, to keep the neighborhood beautiful and maintain a social conscience, most residents in the area make regular visits to the 1st Arrow Systems recycling center located at 3030 Grape Street in South Park.  While there are other facilities located within driving distance, this particular center can cover most of your needs for residential recycling.  You can gather up most of your plastic, glass, paper, and aluminum to bring right here to one spot.

Before you drop by with a carload of recyclables, you should be sure to call ahead.  You can double check that the facility will accept the items you’re bringing in, and you can also make sure you know the business hours so that you don’t arrive to find locked doors.

Satisfy Your Need to Recycle

If you find you have items to recycle that 1st Arrow Systems doesn’t accept, you don’t need to throw them out.  You can check with Recycle San Diego’s website to see where the closest recycling facility is.  There are plenty of facilities in the city accepting a wide variety of recyclables, from used motor oil and cooking oil to live trees and yard waste, so there is certainly a company that can help you.

You can find the Recycle San Diego site by visiting http://localhost:8888/rsd, where you will find a comprehensive listing of the recycling centers in the city and surrounding area.

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