Recycling Is Easy in Serra Mesa

Do you live in the Serra Mesa area of San Diego? Are you looking for recycling centers? Maybe you are wondering why you should recycle in the first place.

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Many Reasons to Recycle

If you have watched or read the news, watched television or read news stories online in the last few years, you must know about what is now called Climate Change. While the issue a controversial one and much debated, one thing is certain.

We consume too much stuff. From paper products, to plastic, metal and glass, every item that we buy has to come from raw materials that are then made into our products using energy that uses up more natural resources.

When we no longer need those items, what happens to them? In many cases, they go into the garbage, but do you know where they go after your garbage man drives them off in his truck every week? They go into landfills, which are essentially enormous piles of trash that just sit there. They sit there because there is really nowhere else for them to go if they are made of man made items that are not biodegradable. If you think about the fact that there is only so much space on the Earth, what will happen when it starts being used up?

Recycling helps eliminate this problem, and if you live in Serra Mesa, you should take advantage of one of the many recycling centers in order to get rid of your items, so that your trash today doesn’t end up in a landfill tomorrow. It’s easier than you think, and once you find the right spot, you can just continue recycling until it becomes a habit you don’t want to break. Don’t throw away perfectly usable items. Recycle them today.

Community Center Info:

Serra Mesa Community Center

9020 Village Glen Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (858) 573-1408

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