Recycling in the Scripps Miramar Ranch Area

After you begin researching into it, you’ll see that there really aren’t a lot of positive reasons not to recycle. It’s super easy, it’s almost always free in most cases and it protects the planet from the dangers caused by Global Warming, the warming of the planet due to high energy usage, waste and too much overall consumption.

Why is Recycling Necessary Today?

As consumers, we are always buying new stuff, in the form of food products, groceries, or other household goods. These items all usually have too much packaging that can be reused and repurposed into new products or even new packaging.

Are you wondering why we would want to take old and dirty packaging and turn it into new packaging? Why not just throw it away in the garbage? That is what is after all.  Well, there are several reasons that this makes the best sense. First of all, when we start from scratch to make all that packaging, we are using energy that must come from somewhere. Second, a lot of packaging materials are not biodegradable, meaning that when you throw them away, they end up in landfills where they’ll sit and sit and sit. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a few items, but it is literally millions and millions of pounds of plastic and paper and metal that just sits there.

If you live in the 92131 zip code of Scripps Miramar Ranch, it’s easy to recycle your used goods and what otherwise may be considered trash.

Places in Scripps Ranch include:

  • Allan Company
  • Edco Recycling
  • Waste Collection
  • Quality Recycling

These places will take your unwanted items and distribute them to where they need to be to avoid landfills and other environmental damage.

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