A Short Guide about Point Loma Heights Recycling Programs

Geography of Point Loma Heights

Point Loma Heights is a beautiful neighborhood with many beautiful homes. It is located in the community of Point Loma, which is a peninsula in the San Diego city area. The city uses the 92106, 92107, and 92110 ZIP Codes. The entire neighborhood is made up of little over two miles of land. The population of this area is roughly 18,000 people with over 3,000 people per square mile of the neighborhood. The peninsula is part of the North Bay area and is known for having many beautiful cliffs and rock formations that people use to get a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

Recycling Program

One of the areas of life that many residents of Point Loma Heights are concerned about is recycling. The entire city of San Diego has been creating legislation and programs to help encourage residents to recycle all of their household and business waste or to find creative ways to reuse the materials so that it does not end up in dumps and landfills. There are a number of great centers located conveniently close to the people who live in this neighborhood.

The Life Span Technology Recycling company has one of the leading technology recycling programs in the Point Loma Heights area. Many people are unaware of how harmful to the environment pieces of technology like computers and video game systems can be. When these products break down, they leak certain harmful chemicals into the ground. Life Span Technology Recycling helps to dispose of these materials responsibly to keep that from happening.

Another company that offers recycling programs for residents in Point Loma Heights is the SA Recycling company. They are open five days a week from seven in the morning until four in the afternoon. They accept scrap metal, aluminum, and plastic bottles.

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