Start Recycling in Otay Mesa West

The green movement is gathering momentum, and nowhere in the country is it stronger than in California. When you want to start a recycling program in your home or neighborhood, you’re already well on your way if you live in Otay Mesa West. There are many opportunities for recycling, and you can make sure that you do your part for the planet with just a little extra effort. Don’t be one of those households that keeps meaning to begin recycling but then never does. With so many opportunities to recycling right inside the 92154 zip code, there has never been a better time to get started and dedicate yourself to proper recycling.

Recycling Facilities

There are a few options when it comes to recycling in Otay Mesa West. For example, if you are interested in the typical household recycling of items like paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum, you can drop your recyclables off at Montgomery-Waller Recreation Center or Arrow Metal Recycling Inc. These locations will accept most of your basic household recycling items, including those that can earn you a reimbursement. There are also a few locations that will accept old automobile parts, like Ecology Auto Parts and Brown Field Truck & Van Dismantling.

Get Creative

When you don’t know if an item is recyclable or not, go the extra mile and check. It is as easy as going to http://localhost:8888/rsd and locating the recycling center database. This database is searchable by item or location, so you can check to see if your item is accepted by any local recycling facilities. There are more items that are recyclable than you think, and wouldn’t you rather your items remained useful than getting tossed into the landfill for centuries until they decompose? Once you’ve found a location that accepts your items, make sure you double check the business hours and any possible fees that they may charge so that you are prepared when you take your recyclables in.

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