Options For Otay Mesa Recycling

You can contribute to making the Earth a more beautiful place, and the first step is recycling. It sounds easy enough, but an astonishing number of people, even right here in San Diego, don’t do it. They believe that recycling is too complicated or too time-consuming, when actually it is the easiest thing in the world.  You’ll be glad you took the time to get started. Recycling not only saves your waste from being thrown into a landfill, but it also conserves energy and prevents manufacturers from using too many new materials. Recycled materials use literally tons more energy and materials than items made from scratch brand new.

Recycling Options In Otay Mesa

Otay Mesa, which is located within the 92154 zip code, has a number of recycling options available within its bounded area. If you want to start small, with household recycling like newspaper, plastic, glass, and aluminum, there are a couple of drop-off points near Otay Mesa where you can turn. The Montgomery-Waller Community Center is one such drop-off point, and so is Arrow Metal Recycling Inc. There are also locations like Ecology Auto Parts and El Tapatio Wrecking Center that accept old automotive parts. You can repurpose clothing at the Isis Center, or other neighborhood thrift stores.

Find A Recycling Facility

When you don’t know where to go, the best thing you can do is start searching. Recycle San Diego has a searchable database of recycling facilities in San Diego, so you can locate a facility that accepts the items you are trying to recycle. You can search by item or by location, so no matter how you are prioritizing your recycling efforts you can find the right place for you. Many people know about conventional recycling like paper, plastic, and glass, but not many think about the other items that you can recycle just as easily. Electronics, automotive fluids, furniture, and scrap metal can all be recycled as long as you find the right place.

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