Going Green In Ocean Crest Recycling

Green is the hot color in California, and not on the runway. Neighborhoods all over San Diego are finding ways to go green, step up recycling efforts and turn down water and energy consumption. You can join the cause by increasing your own efforts to recycle at home in Ocean Crest, located within the zip code 92154, and at your office. While there is a huge emphasis on the typical items that most people recycle, like paper, aluminum cans, glass containers and plastic bottles, there are so many items that you could be recycling but probably aren’t. Educating yourself is the first step to a healthier, greener future for our planet.

Local Recycling Options

Lucky for you, there are many options available in Ocean Crest when it comes to recycling. The Montgomery-Waller Community Center, for example, is a drop-off location for household recyclables like paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. When you have such a convenient option, it is hard to understand why you wouldn’t just go out and take in your recyclables! If you are looking for more unconventional in the way of recycling, you can find scrap metal recycling, automotive fluid recycling, and other kinds of lesser known recycling also located within Ocean Crest.

Recycle San Diego Knows

When you aren’t sure where to take your recyclable items, it is a good idea to try searching the Recycle San Diego online database, located at their website at http://localhost:8888/rsd. You will be able to search by item or location on this site, which makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you need options for typical household recycling, thrift stores for your household items, or something bigger and bulkier like used appliances or electronics. Once you locate a recycling facility that accepts your items, use the contact information in the database to call and confirm details like operating hours, fees, and packing requirements. That will save you a lot of trouble later on.

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