Recycle In North Park

There are many ways that you can join the environmental movement that is sweeping the state, but one of the easiest is by recycling in and around your residence in North Park. When you live in North Park, within the 92104 zip code, you can find ample opportunities to recycle conventional and not-so-conventional materials. The most important thing is that you are not just mindlessly throwing all your garbage into the trash. Think before you toss. You’d be surprised how much you can recycle instead of dumping into the local landfill.

Drop-Off Available

Of course, it is most convenient to give your business to local recycling centers, and in North Park, you have a couple of options. Morley Field Sport Complex and North Park Recreation Center both have drop-off locations where you can take your aluminum cans, plastic, glass, shredded paper, and other typical household recyclable items. You may be able to get redemption payments for your glass, aluminum and plastic, so double check before you just drop off your items. On the other hand, if you have less conventional items to recycle, there are other options. For example, Another Chance Merchandise is a business that allows you to recycle reusable deconstruction materials. If you are going through a remodel, consider using them for your construction material disposal needs. If you have home goods or used clothing that you don’t want but could still be used, Auntie Helen’s Thrift Store offers you a chance to give back to your community.

For Additional Help

If you can’t find what you’re looking for within North Park, you can get other resources by using the searchable database at Recycle San Diego is a recycling company that specializes in eWaste, but they are dedicated to bringing more information about recycling any and all waste to the citizens of San Diego.

Community Center Info:

North Park Community Center

4044 Idaho Street
San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619) 235-1152

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