Local Recycling In North Clairemont

Recycling is one of those things that we all know we should do, but many of us don’t want to take the time to do it. If you live in North Clairemont, which is almost entirely located within the 92117 zip code, you have multiple opportunities available to you when it comes to recycling. Don’t be the wasteful individual who simply throws away plastic, glass, and aluminum without checking if it can be recycled. You may be surprised when you look into recycling, in fact. So many items can be repurposed these days, you can cut your waste and shrink your carbon footprint quite a bit by just taking your time and recycling.

Where To Go

One of the easiest ways to start recycling is by beginning to collect items in your home. Many people concentrate on paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum when they collect household recycling. If you are interested in that kind of recycling, you can arrange drop-offs at the North Clairemont Recreation Center or the Cadman Recreation Center. Those two locations accept the typical household recyclables. You may even be able to get a refund for your bottles or cans, so make sure you ask.

Additional Resources

If you have more complex recycling needs, or if you are interested in looking outside of North Clairemont for recycling centers, you can use the searchable database available through Recycle San Diego at http://recyclesandiego.org/home. This database is comprehensive, and lists many different kinds of recycling centers, along with information on the types of items they accept, contact information, location, and hours. Once you’ve located the facility you are looking for, make sure you call ahead to double check. Some centers charge processing or drop-off fees, and others have specific rules about how items must be packaged when dropped off. Still others have pick-up options to choose from. Checking for details will save you on a lot of hassle later.

Community Center Info:

North Clairemont Community Center

4421 Bannock Avenue
San Diego, CA 92117
Phone: (858) 581-9926

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