Your Guide to Navajo Recycling

Navajo San Diego is located in the hills of the city, to the east. Allied Gardens, Del Cerro and Grantville are some of the smaller neighborhoods found within this area. For those in Navajo, recycling is an important consideration and, thankfully, there are several options available that can provide help.

Buyback Recycling Centers

There are a few recycling centers throughout the area that offer a buyback for qualifying materials. Navajo recycling programs consider only some household items as recyclable, though that range includes paper, plastic, glass and aluminum cans. However, many other household items are not eligible for a buyback, and you will find that many recycling services do not accept things designated as being hazardous.

Services from the City

The city of San Diego is committed to providing residents with access to a range of recycling services. For instance, Navajo recycling programs include the city’s curbside service, though there is no buyback available with this. You will actually need to pay for the service. In addition, you cannot dispose of hazardous items through the city’s curbside service, but will need to make an appointment at the city’s HHW center and then bring your items in.

What Are Hazardous Items?

In order to make the most out of any Navajo recycling program, you will need to know what service providers consider hazardous. You’ll find that motor oil and other automotive fluids like antifreeze and transmission fluid are deemed hazardous. Batteries (automotive, marine and household) are also classified this way. Other items can include televisions, computers, thermometers, paint and pesticides to name just a few. In addition, not all items are recyclable, including clothing and ceramics.

With that being said, Navajo recycling programs have grown to include a diverse range of options, and you’ll find that this area enjoys far more options than many other locations in the nation.

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