Mission Hills Recycling Programs Expand

Mission Hills is one of the most historic and well-preserved areas of San Diego. It’s served by the 92103 zip code, and the neighborhood runs from Horton Avenue to Mission Valley, with Goldfinch Street and Reynard Way marking the western and eastern boundaries, respectively. Mission Hills recycling centers have become much more easily accessible in recent years, especially with the city’s environmental services program going into action.

Options from the City

The city of San Diego offers a range of recycling options for Mission Hills residents. For instance, residents can use the city’s curbside recycling services if they like. This service consists of canisters provided for residents to dispose of their recyclable items by the side of the road. Recyclable items include things like paper, glass, plastic, aluminum cans and common household items. However, many items cannot be disposed of in this way, including electronics, oil and other hazardous items.

Disposing of Hazardous Materials

There are options for Mission Hills recycling of hazardous household items – the area’s HHW Center is open for residents by appointment only (you’ll have to call 858-694-7000. Items that can be dropped off at the HHW include batteries (both automotive and household batteries), light bulbs, motor oil and similar items. Paint and pesticides can also be dropped off. Again, services for hazardous materials are by appointment only.

There are also retail collection points available for Mission Hills recycling, though not all of them will accept hazardous materials. Many will also not accept electronic items. You can use 1st Free E-Waste Recyclers, Goodwill and Recycle San Diego for electronics, as well as for numerous other items.

Mission Hills recycling options are widely available now, and you will find that you have numerous options, including those sponsored by the city and retail collection centers.

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