Miramar Ranch North Recycling – Understanding Your Options

For those living in Miramar Ranch North, recycling options are widely available. This area is served by the 92131 zip code, and residents will find a number of recycling centers within the area that offer drop off services, though there are pickup options that can remove items for recycling at your home.

The Main Drop Off Point

One of the best Miramar Ranch North recycling options is the drop off center operated by Allan Company out on Consolidated Way. Here, you can bring almost any kind of household or “common” item that needs to be recycled. The recycling center here accepts glass, plastic, paper, metal and cardboard. However, it does not accept hazardous items, so you will have to find another option for things like engine oil, tires and computer components.

Help with Hazardous Items

If you want to dispose of hazardous items or lend a hand with recycling these materials, you’ll find some help available in Miramar Ranch North for recycling. You can call the environmental services department at 858-694-7000 to find out where the closest location is that accepts hazardous materials. You can also make use of other options.

For example, Goodwill will take your used electronics for recycling or donation. You can take things like tires and used oil and other automotive fluids to almost any automotive service center. Even auto part stores like Advanced Auto Parts and AutoZone accept batteries, though most retail stores don’t accept tires (many do accept oil, though).

Finally, you’ll find that Miramar Ranch North recycling options are available in many local parks. These are drop off locations and are ideal for those who cannot easily reach the main drop off center in town. However, most recreation department drop off locations do not accept hazardous material or electronic waste.

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