Memorial Recycling

A Quick Look at Memorial Recycling Facilities

Because the Memorial neighborhood of San Diego butts up against the Logan Heights neighborhood, it means that residents and workers have a tremendous range of recycling options. Though Logan Heights is literally packed with full service recycling facilities (currently there are four very large and busy locations in the immediate region), there are some good options for Memorial recycling too.

For example, within the 92113 zip code is the SA Recycling facility conveniently located at 3055 Commercial Street. This is one of those amazing locations that will accept almost anything imaginable from classic home products to office and commercial trash too.

Just consider that if you are in need of Memorial recycling services, you can give them a call and make arrangements to get rid of the classic glass, plastic and cans that comprise the average household waste. You can then also rely on them for all CRV materials (meaning that they buy back and pay you for your garbage that has been approved with the official CRV marks), any metals (including ferrous and non-ferrous kinds), all varieties of papers and cardboard products, and even such things as packing materials, styrofoams, building materials, and more. They even do pickups!

Memorial Recycling of HHW

Right now there are no specific facilities for  hazardous waste drop offs in the Memorial neighborhood. The City of San Diego does have a HHW (household hazardous waste) facility available for antifreeze, automotive batteries, consumer batteries, light bulbs, mercury thermometers, paint products, pesticides and other dangerous goods.

This, however, is only available by appointment when you call 858-694-7000. You should turn to this resource when necessary because it is the one way that you can get rid of risky and dangerous products (those that can harm both you and the environment) in a way that is responsible and effective.

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