Loma Portal Recycling and Geographical Information

Geographical Information

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city of San Diego is the Loma Portal area. This particular neighborhood is part of the Point Loma community. Point Loma is a peninsula that is known for its many cliffs and rock formations and the beautiful views they provide of the ocean. Many of these cliff rock formations have been known to have old fossils, including some old dinosaur bones. The entire Point Loma area uses the 92106 and 92107 ZIP Codes. The Loma Portal neighborhood is very hilly and is located to the west of Rosecrans Street and overlooks the beautiful San Diego Bay.

Recycling Programs Located Close By

With the Green Movement becoming a passion for the many citizens of San Diego, many recycling centers have opened up to provide people with even more convenient locations to recycle. This is done in an attempt to make recycling easier and to encourage residents in the Loma Portal Region to be more active in recycling. Recycling helps to preserve the environment and to reduce global warming. By recycling your waste materials, you can help reduce the pollution in the air you breathe as well as making water safer to drink.

One of the best recycling programs in the area is one provided by Old Town Recycling. This particular center focuses mostly on recycling scrap metals. Old Town Recycling is open seven days a week from eight in the morning until five in the evening. This recycling center offers an additional incentive for Loma Portal residents to bring in their old scrap metal to be recycled, as they buy the materials from you. The prices change and fluctuate often, so the best way to find out how much your scrap metal is worth is to either call or visit the Old Town Recycling center first hand.

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