Logan Heights Recycling

Specifics Regarding Logan Heights Recycling Facilities

If you look at a business map of the 92113 zip code you might think that the neighborhood functions as a recycling center in general. This is because it is dotted with very large and comprehensive facilities. In fact, Logan Heights recycling locations include four major facilities scattered around the district.

Locations for Logan Heights Recycling

If you take a peek at the incredibly handy “City of San Diego Residential Recycling Guide” you would see that they list three individual locations – the IMS Recycling plant at 1345 South 27th Street, the J&R Recycling facility at 3374 National Ave., and the Pacific Coast Recycling service at 3055 Commercial Street. There is also the large Time Recycling Center at 412 Cesar E Chavez Parkway as well.

Details about Logan Heights Recycling

Of the four locations listed above, the IMS Recycling is really the only “one stop” destination. This is because you can take the classic paper, plastic and metal that comes from most households, but you can also bring metal of all kinds, glass, plastic, cardboard, newspaper, mixed paper, appliances and even electronics too. They even extend buy back options. This means that you can bring an old kitchen appliance and leave it for a fee, but offset the costs by turning in CRV cans and glass that yields you a nice tidy sum of cash!

There are really no general facilities in the area for things like hazardous waste, though San Diego does have a HHW (household hazardous waste) facility available for antifreeze, automotive batteries, consumer batteries, light bulbs, mercury thermometers, paint products, pesticides and more. This is available by appointment when you call 858-694-7000 and is a great way for those who need to get rid of products that cannot be tossed safely into a landfill or recycled in the traditional centers listed above to do so.

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