Linda Vista Recycling

Tips for Finding Linda Vista Recycling Locations

It is interesting to note that the City of San Diego Residential Recycling Guide is a great general resource for those in need of details about the best recycling options in the city. The problem is that the guide leaves out a lot of the various neighborhoods and some of the best facilities. Take the Linda Vista recycling options…there are none in the guide, but in the  92108 zip code there is actually the Linda Recycling Center right at 7011 Linda Vista Rd.

This is a full service facility that takes everything you can get “buy back” money for, such as cans, plastic and glass food containers. That means you can load up the family car with a few week’s worth of recyclables, head to this major Linda Vista recycling area and get cash for your efforts. They even handle most of the sorting!

Alternatives in Linda Vista Recycling

Nearby, in the Mission Valley neighborhood just south of Linda Vista is the Replanet Recycling location. This is also another “one stop” resource for household recycling initiatives because the facility will take all of the usually glass, plastic and metal.

The area also abuts the Clairemont neighborhood, and that means that the Bay Ho Recycling facility at 3015 Clairemont Drive is a good choice, as is the Regan Recycling facility just down the road. There is also another Replanet location in Clairemonet, and this one is a bit outside of town.

Currently, there are no listings for any Household Hazardous Waste locations near the Linda Vista source, but San Diego has a HHW facility available by appointment when you call 858-694-7000. This is a good option for those who need to get rid of products that cannot be safely tossed into a landfill or recycled in the traditional centers listed above.

Community Center Info:

Linda Vista Community Center

7064 Levant Street
San Diego, CA 92113
Phone: (858) 573-1392

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