Why Lincoln Park Recycling Is Changing the World

The neighborhood of Lincoln Park is located southeast of the downtown area of San Diego.  The community is located entirely inside the 92113 zip code.  Many of the residents in this area have begun to realize the importance of recycling, and you can be a part of this initiative.  It takes a bit of resolve and a lot of responsibility, but once you get started, you’ll find it hard to quit.  Recycling gives you a lot to be proud of, since you’ll be doing your part to make the planet a more beautiful place for yourself and future generations.

Recycling Locations Near Lincoln Park

Finding the nearest recycling locations is quite easy, though not all of them will be located in the 92113 zip code.  For those that collect the usual household recyclables, you can begin your search with IMS Recycling Services, Inc., SA Recycling, and Edco Recycling.  These facilities will accept most plastics, glass, paper, and aluminum.  You may even find that they accept some of the larger or more hazardous stuff you need to dispose of or recycle.  The most important thing is that you find someone to take care of it for you so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Finding Further Recycling Services

Some things may be harder to find facilities for, such as live trees, cooking and motor oil, tires, junk metal and car parts, and hazardous waste.  Before you give up and toss them in a dumpster somewhere, you can check with Recycle San Diego.  The website http://localhost:8888/rsd provides a comprehensive listing of all the recycling and disposal facilities located in San Diego and the surrounding area.  You can find contact information that will allow you to call ahead and check business hours, and you can also ask if the company accepts your recyclables before you make the trip.

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