Recycling Programs in the La Playa Neighborhood

Basic Geographical and Historical Facts

The La Playa neighborhood is located inside the city of San Diego. This particular area is considered to be a bay front neighborhood. It is located within the Point Loma community, which is a peninsula surrounded by water. The neighborhood is located in close proximity to the San Diego Bay on its eastern side, a naval base on its southern side, and the Wooded Area neighborhood on its western side. Since the neighborhood is a part of the Point Loma community, it uses the 92106 and 92107 ZIP codes.

La Playa is one of the most historically important neighborhoods in the entire city. This particular area was the place where the first Europeans landed led by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. The location where Cabrillo landed is known as Ballast Point.

Recycling programs

Recycling has become more than just a thing that hardcore environmentalists do. It has become a way of life for most of the individuals living in the La Playa neighborhood. Recycling has many benefits, such as preventing garbage from piling up in landfills and helping to prevent pollution and poisons from getting into the city water supply. There are a number of great centers located in and around this neighborhood where people can go to recycle their garbage and waste materials.

One of the best centers in the area is the IMS Recycling Service. This particular company offers recycling services for both commercial businesses as well as for residents who live in the area. The company recycles bottles, cans, radiators, aluminum wheels, lead, copper wire, and much more. The company has trucks that can pick up materials at the curb side. For businesses IMS Recycling will also allow you to sell recyclable materials to them so that you can add more income to your bottom line while still doing your part to protect the environment.

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