Kensington Recycling

News for Those Interested in Kensington Recycling Options

If you live or work in the Kensington neighborhood of San Diego, CA (zip code 92116) you already know that you are in a very scenic and residential neighborhood close to many shops and restaurants, as well as the University of San Diego. Did you also know that you are near to many of the Kensington recycling facilities too. Though these are not all directly within the neighborhood itself, there are some great options just minutes from the center of the area.

Top Kensington Recycling Locations

For instance, right along University Avenue is the Nexcycle facility that pays  you for your glass, plastic and some metal recyclables. There is also one of the Tomra Pacific Recycling locations on University Avenue as well. Either of these places is going to be a “one stop” solution for the average or active household recycling enthusiast.

Alternative Options for Kensington Recycling

It is also interesting to note that there are some well known recycling businesses in this area too. For instance, the popular Burger Lounge restaurant is known for recycling and composting everything, and this is kind of cool to consider as you head in for a bite to eat.

Remember that recyclables for those in the city of San Diego will always include other metals, cardboard, newspaper, mixed papers, appliances and some electronics in addition to the plastic, glass and metal cans so common to everyday recycling activities.

This means that you may want to check out some of the alternative recycling centers of the town and area if you end up with a lot of these items. For example, there are some electronics drop off locations convenient to the Kensington neighborhood, such as the facility in the Vons grocery parking lot or the Replanet recycling on University Ave as well.

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