Horton Plaza Recycling

Details for Horton Plaza Recycling

Tucked between Downtown San Diego and the popular Gaslamp neighborhood is the Horton Plaza region. There is a huge amount of commercial property in this district because of the Westfield Horton Plaza Mall, but there are also many different residential areas dotting this entire region as well. Thus, there is a strong need for Horton Plaza recycling.

What the City Says about Horton Plaza Recycling

In the handy “City of San Diego Residential Recycling Guide” it is easy to see that the Horton Plaza area has a few good locations for those interested in a range of different recycling activities. For instance, in the Lemon Grove area (zip codes 92141 and 92145) there are a few nearly “full service” locations.

Consider the EDCO Recycling facility right along Federal Boulevard. It offers “buy back” of CRV materials that include metal cans, glass and plastic. The site is also a good resource for Horton Plaza recycling because it has buy back offers on cardboard and newspaper, and takes donations of mixed paper as well. If a resident of the neighborhood also has electronics or appliances in need of recycling, these can be left for a fee.

There is also the Tomra Pacific Recycling option (also known as Replanet in some areas) and they too take a huge number of recyclable goods and also offer some buy back opportunities. A bit farther from the center of the neighborhood are some locations in the Chula Vista area. These include the Otay Landfill and the additional Tomra Pacific locations as well.

It is easy to see that the neighborhood makes it easy for someone to get rid of unwanted materials without also sending them to a landfill. This makes the entire area a good one for business owners or residents who want to do their bit to save the planet.

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