Where to Find Emerald Hills Recycling Centers

Emerald Hills of San Diego is located southeast of the city’s downtown area.  You will find this community in the 92114 zip code, along with several other of San Diego’s neighborhoods.  This entire area is working to develop a greater awareness of the importance of recycling, and you can become a part of that movement.  By choosing to recycle as many items as possible, you can become a leader in the community.  Fortunately, there are several recycling facilities located in the area to help you with your new endeavors.

Choosing a Recycling Facility

There are quite a few facilities located in the 92114 zip code, and several more are located within a short drive.  You will be able to find the centers you need for just about any rubbish you have in your home or business.  You can start your search with Edco Recycling, IMS Recycling Services, Inc., American Recycling, and SA Recycling.  These businesses will accept most household recyclables.  For larger items, you may need to widen your search criteria just a bit.

Additional Recycling Facilities

Recycle San Diego’s website http://localhost:8888/rsd is committed to bringing you lists of all recycling and disposal facilities in the San Diego area.  If you find you have items that aren’t accepted by the recycling centers in your area, you can locate a specialist company on this list.  This is especially good for those seeking someone to take live trees, tires, hazardous materials, cooking and motor oil, yard waste, and junk metals.  Many businesses will likely need the assistance of these specialty recycling companies, as businesses are more likely to produce garbage in bulk.

This comprehensive listing also provides contact information, so you can call ahead to get any special information.  You should determine that the company you have chosen accepts the materials you want to drop off, and it’s not a bad idea to check the operating hours, too.

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