You Can Recycle in East Village

It is a common misconception that recycling takes a great deal of work. Many people think that they are busy and they just do not have the time for the hassle of recycling. If you have been living under that misconception, then it is time that you think differently. Recycling is quite easy. There are plenty of recycling centers that you can make use of near you. East Village recycling centers are available to handle a wide variety of products and it is definitely time that you change the way that you are handling your household garbage.

Why is Recycling Important?

The first thing that you need to realize is just how important it is to recycle. When you do not choose to recycle, you are not just not helping. You are actually doing a great deal of damage. Say you are throwing away three bags of garbage a week. When you add this up, you are throwing away 156 thirteen gallon bags. That is 2,028 gallons of trash you are sending to the landfill each year. If every single person of the millions in the United States is doing this, think about how much is going into the landfill. It is a staggering number. If we all start recycling, we can cut that amount by a fraction.

What Can You Recycle?

Now that you know how important it is to recycle, you must be wondering just what you can take to East Village recycling centers. Actually, you can take almost anything and that is good news. You can recycle common household items and you can recycle cars. You can take construction materials to the recycling center and hazardous chemicals.

It is a common misconception that recycling takes work. You can get rid of that misconception by realizing the many choices for East Village recycling that you can take advantage of.

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