Del Cerro Recycling – Choosing Your Solution

Del Cerro is located in eastern San Diego, not far from Allied Gardens and Grantville. For residents of Del Cerro, recycling options have become much more widely available in recent years. You will find a range of municipal options on offer, though there are retail recycling centers available as well. Many offer a buyback for qualifying items, though this is by no means the rule.

The Most Common Solution in Del Cerro for Recycling

Like all other areas of the city, Del Cerro recycling services are provided through the city’s environmental services department. You’ll find curbside recycling services available for common household products. For instance, the city will provide you with bins for plastic, glass, aluminum cans and paper or cardboard products. However, you cannot recycle some items through this program – you cannot put out batteries, items that contain mercury, oil or any other hazardous material.

Drop Off Centers

Another option for those who want to do their part to green up the city is to use a drop off center. There’s a large recycling center sponsored by the city, but it might not be easily reached for many residents. If this is the case, there are numerous drop off centers located in area parks, as well as in some shopping center parking lots. As a note, most of the drop off locations will not accept hazardous materials.

What to Do with Hazardous Waste

If you need to get rid of batteries, oil, antifreeze or anything else that is considered harmful or hazardous, there are a few options. The city’s HHW center will accept these items by appointment only. However, if you find that this is not convenient, there are a few local recycling companies that can help for a fee.

You can also dispose of many hazardous materials with automotive service centers. For example, most service centers will accept used tires for a small fee, and they will also accept automotive and marine batteries (they will not accept household batteries, though).

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