Household Recyclables Have a Home

Think about how many pieces of paper, plastic or glass you throw away each week. Chances are, you are filling up your trash can with items like these, and when you throw them away, you are sending them all straight to the landfill. Take a moment to consider the earth. Every time we throw things into landfills that are already overflowing, we are causing more damage to an already damaged environment. There is something you can do that will help to solve this problem though.

Recycling Made Easy

Carmel Mountain Ranch Recreation Center will help you with your household recyclables problem. This center is a drop-off only location, so you do not have to go through any hassles. You just take your recyclables and drop them off. The great thing is that the drop-off is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You can recycle anytime you want! Carmel Mountain Ranch Recreation Center is located at 10152 Rancho Carmel Drive, San Diego. If you have questions about what can be recycled, be sure to give them a call at 858-538-8100.

What Can You Recycle?

As mentioned, Carmel Mountain Ranch Recreation Center is a drop-off spot for various household recyclables. At this site, you can recycle the following: paper goods (telephone books, newspapers, magazines, shredded paper, and cardboard), steel cans, glass and plastics. The center can handles CRV items like aluminum, glass and plastic as well.

Think about how much glass, plastic and paper you throw away every week. Can you imagine what a big difference it would make if we all took the time to recycle? It is not even hard to recycle these items when you take them to Carmel Mountain Ranch Recreation Center. With an easy all day drop-off, this center makes it easy to recycle any items that you can.

Community Center Info:

Carmel Mountain Ranch Community Center

10152 Rancho Carmel Drive
San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: (858) 538-8100

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