Burlingame Recycling Builds Better Communities

The State of California takes recycling seriously, and that is reflected in local laws and how local communities like Burlingame handle recycling programs. Most people only think of the most basic recycling programs when they ponder recycling, things like paper and aluminum cans. But residents in Burlingame took it a step farther, adopting an ordinance that requires extensive salvaging when a building is destroyed, and requiring that sixty percent of waste from new construction also be recycled.

Waste Reclaimed

There are many things that, like construction waste, we just don’t think about recycling. You would be amazed if you really stopped and thought about all the materials that you consume and throw away every day. Now think about how much of that is made of materials that you ordinarily consider to be recyclable. Add in things like batteries, cell phones, electronics, construction waste, and more, and you start to get a pretty good idea of just how much unnecessary waste we have in our country.

Residential Recycling

The Burlingame recycling services are provided through the South Bayside Waste Management Authority. Curbside recycling and garbage is available through Allied Waste in San Mateo County. That means that you can get bi-weekly recycling pick-up. There are two categories for curbside pick-up, and they are paper and bottles and cans. For other items that aren’t eligible for curbside pick-up, locate the nearest recycling center. Call ahead to make sure that they take the item you would like to recycle.

Other Recycling

There are many opportunities to recycle in the Burlingame community. You can find drop-off events and other options for your old electronics, which California law forbids you throw away with your regular garbage. You can also find locations to drop off fluorescent bulbs, prescription medications, and construction waste. With all of us working together, we can make California and the rest of the world a healthier, happier place to be.

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