Why Broadway Heights Recycling Is Important

Broadway Heights is located in the 92114 zip code of San Diego. The residents in this area are making a concerted effort to step up the recycling campaigns, though there is still a lot of work to be done.  You can be a leader in the charge by discovering recycling centers in your area.  By setting an example, you could lead more in the Broadway Heights community toward a cleaner and greener planet.

The Recycling Facilities Located Nearby

The 92114 zip code is home to several different recycling and disposal facilities, so it’s just a matter of finding the centers that are close to your home and collect the items you dispose of on a daily basis.  There are several that accept general household recyclables, such as paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic.  If you need to find facilities that collect larger and more specialized items, there are several within the San Diego area.

You can start with Edco Recycling, American Recycling, Federal Recycling, and IMS Recycling Services, Inc.  These companies specialize in those items you use every day in your home, and they’re located within a very short drive of the Broadway Heights community.

More Recycling Assistance

To discover more recycling and disposal facilities, you can seek out the help of Recycle San Diego.  The website http://localhost:8888/rsd will help you locate recycling facilities that deal with specialized items, such as aggregate, live trees, yard waste, tires, and other large items.  Before you visit any of the facilities, you should call to make sure you are away of the operating hours and the items that facility collects.

Recycle San Diego provides contact information for all of the companies listed, so it’s easy to keep in touch with the recycling centers near Broadway Heights.  You may even discover several companies that pick up your recyclables, which will make keeping green even easier for you.

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