Birdland Recycling Near You

Recycling is a great way to help the environment and feel good about your consumption levels. When you recycle, your old items are sorted and then either sold for repurposing, or ground up and then remade into something new. Recycled materials save tons of energy over making materials from scratch, and obviously save from having to make new materials from scratch. The best part is that recycling is easy and most of the time very inexpensive, or even free.

Recycle With San Diego

If you live in the Birdland neighborhood, you should be able to contract with San Diego for curbside pickup. The rules for curbside recycling are very easy to follow. Many people don’t recycle because they are worried about all the complicated rules about sorting and what can and cannot be recycled. When you have a blue bin, you don’t have to separate anything, except that the city requests shredded paper go into separate bags. The items that cannot be recycled are available for viewing on the city’s website, but it is all common sense. You can’t recycle plastic bags. Return those to the retailer. You can’t recycle containers that once held toxic materials like paint or anti-freeze. You can’t recycle biohazards like medical sharps.

Start At Home

If you don’t have curbside recycling, you can still recycle easily. Just set up a space in your home where you can collect different kinds of recycling. Many households regularly recycle newspaper, aluminum cans, and glass and plastic bottles. Even that little effort of collecting your items and bringing them to the recycling center once a week will save so much in energy and resources. You can make a difference in the health of our planet.

Got Questions?

When you don’t know how to recycle an item, or when you have questions about where to take a particular item for recycling, it can be as easy as picking up the phone and calling a local Birdland recycling center.

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