Choose Your Local Bay Terrace Recycling Center

The Bay Terrace community is located to the east of San Diego, covering the 92114 and 92139 zip codes.  This community is striving toward environmental responsibility, and that’s why it is so easy to find several different recycling centers in the area.  While you may not find many within the actual community of Bay Terrace, you can be certain there are several within a short drive, and that makes it easy to drop off all of your household recyclable goods.  You may even consider starting a new recycling campaign in your office when you see how easy it is to deliver waste to the facilities nearby.

Where to Take Your Recyclables

When seeking out recycling centers, you will find a few in the Bay Terrace area.  While some may not be located in the community itself, they are certainly within a short drive.  You can start your search with Amermex Recycling, which offers general recycling services for a wide variety of materials.  Uz Ohran is another recycling center located nearby, and it accepts most household recyclables.  If these facilities don’t collect the things you have gathered, you may need to seek outside of your own community.

Widening Your Search

If you find you need a larger list of recycling facilities in the San Diego area, you can check with Recycle San Diego at http://localhost:8888/rsd.  This website will give you lists of several different facilities throughout the city, as well as help you determine which center can accept the recyclables you have collected.  This site offers a very comprehensive collection of companies and also provides the contact information you need.

It’s a great idea to call ahead when you’ve found someone to gather your recyclable materials.  You can make sure the facility you have chosen will accept your items, and you can also double check the business hours so that you don’t arrive to a closed business.

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