Bay Ho Recycling Programs For You

It is essential that we as a nation pull together and contribute to the recycling movement. There are so many materials that we use in our every day lives that can be recycled easily and with a savings of billions of tons of materials and energy. When all you have to do is put your recyclable materials into a blue plastic bin and set the bin on your curb, why wouldn’t you recycle? Bay Ho, which includes homes with a zip code 92117, is serviced by the City of San Diego and a few private recycling centers as well.

Recycling Made Easy

There is no question that calling up and contracting the city for curbside pick-up is easy. In San Diego, the sanitation and recycling department will provide services to recycle much of your household waste. You can recycle paper and cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass containers. The list of things you can’t recycle makes sense. For example, don’t put your medical sharps into your blue bin, or plastic containers that once stored toxic materials like paint or antifreeze.

When In Doubt, Ask

There are many things that can be properly repurposed or recycled if you find the right company or recycling center, so don’t write something off because it is difficult. For example, many quickie lubes and motor care centers will take your old oil or motor fluids for reuse and disposal. You can usually find hauling companies that will pick up bulky furniture and appliances for recycling as well. And don’t rule out donations! If you have clothing, furniture, or household goods that could be used by others in need, consider a tax deductible donation.

When you want to arrange a drop-off for your recyclable materials, call the center you are planning on using first. Make sure you know the proper drop-off hours and ask about any additional fees the center may have for your items.


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