Barrio Logan Recycling Is Easy

There are many opportunities for recycling when you live in the Barrio Logan neighborhood, and you should make sure you take advantage of them. With so much concern about pollution and littering, not to mention things like global warming dominating national and international conversation, every little bit helps. In Barrio Logan, there are opportunities to take advantage of San Diego’s recycling programs as well as local private businesses which offer recycling services.

Local Recycling Facilities

It is easy to find a local recycling facility for just about anything in Barrio Logan. Whether you want to dispose of the typical plastic, paper, or glass or get rid of bulky items or old appliances, there are businesses that cater to your needs. Some will offer flat rates, others will charge you for pick-up or disposal fees. It is a good idea to call the center and ask about their rates and whether they will do curbside pick up or accept deliveries before you commit to doing business with a particularly center.

Getting Started

Recycling doesn’t have to be a big production. Get a blue bin from the City and start collecting recyclable materials. Paper, plastic, and glass are all accepted under San Diego’s sanitation and recycling program. You can arrange for curbside pick-up through the city or do a weekly drop-off at one of the recycling centers in town. Items that are not recyclable include plastic bags, medical sharps, plastic containers that once held toxic materials, and glassware. You can find a complete list of recyclable and non-recyclable materials on the city’s sanitation website.

Why Recycle?

We only get one planet. The human population is going through natural resources and energy at an alarming rate, and if we continue like we are, we may not have much of a planet left to give to our grandchildren. By recycling and using recycled materials, we can save energy and resources by the billions.

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