Residential Banker’s Hill Recycling

Residents in the popular Banker’s Hill neighborhood, within zip codes 92101 and 92103, can take advantage of the City of San Diego’s recycling programs. It is important that residents do their part to keep the streets clean and take care of the local environment. Recycling is an important part of the process. You can set up curbside recycling through San Diego, or you can take steps to make sure that your household recycles in other ways.

Simple Recycling Steps

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that recycling is just too complicated and that the rules are too hard to follow. It is as easy as can be to recycle in Banker’s Hill. Paper, plastic, and glass can all be recycled when you follow the simple guidelines laid out by the city. The list of things that cannot be recycled through the city is short and easy to understand. For example, plastic containers that once held toxic substances, propane tanks, and glassware are all on the list of things you cannot recycle. With a little bit of investigation though, you may be able to find locations that do take those items for proper disposal and repurposing.

Waste Not, Want Not

You can find easy ways around the house to reduce your waste and recycle within your own household. While many plastic and glass containers are recyclable, why not clean them out and use them as home storage for leftovers or craft projects. You can find ways to repurpose many items around the house.

Plan Ahead

If you are planning a trip to the local recycling center, call ahead or check their website for hours of operations and details about extra charges. While some recycling centers will accept items for free, others will charge a fee for drop-offs or certain types of items. Get all the details before you go so that you aren’t surprised.

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