Understanding Allied Gardens Recycling Providers

Allied Gardens is a smaller neighborhood, located within the Navajo area of San Diego. Nearby areas include Grantville and El Cajon, as well as San Carlos. For those within Allied Gardens, finding the right recycling services is important. However, there are numerous options open to those within Allied Gardens for recycling.


Retail Providers

There are numerous retail providers that offer those in Allied Gardens recycling options. For instance, you can take a number of items to Goodwill, including things that cannot be disposed of through many other providers. You’ll find that you can donate television sets, computer components, clothing and shoes here. It’s important to note that there is no buyback offered from Goodwill and most other retail centers – you are donating to charity. However, you may be able to get a receipt for your donation for tax purposes.

Hazardous Waste

When you think of hazardous waste, you might think of chemicals put out by factories or nuclear waste. However, the average home has a significant amount of hazardous waste that cannot be recycled through regular means. Allied Gardens recycling programs are available for things like batteries, items that contain mercury, paint, pesticides and fluorescent light bulbs, though. However, most of these are not buyback providers, and you will have to take your items to the center.

The City’s Service

Perhaps the most convenient option for Allied Gardens recycling is the service offered by the city of San Diego. This is primarily designed to allow residents to recycle household products like paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. There is no buyback for these items, but the curbside service is convenient and helps eco-conscious homeowners do their part to benefit the environment. You can also use the city’s HHW recycling center to drop off hazardous items, though it is done by appointment only.

Community Center Info:

Allied Gardens Community Center

5155 Greenbrier Ave.
San Diego, CA 92120
Phone: (619) 235-1129

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