Wood Unpainted and Pallets

Wood that has been unpainted and pallets are both highly recyclable. Wood pulp is used in many different materials and is highly valued. Even though wood generally cannot be made into materials of the same quality as it was originally used for, it can still be remade into products such as paper, cellulose and so forth. If you have wood and unpainted pallets that you want to get rid of, you generally won’t have a hard time doing it.

Reuse Before

It’s important to consider reusing any unpainted wood or pallets that you have before you bring them to the recycling plant. Oftentimes, wood pallets can be used for many years before they really need to be disposed of. Most warehouses usually have quite a few stacks of them behind the facility that they can draw from if they run short. There are plenty of different ways that unpainted wooden pallets can be reused, so make sure that you ask around and see if any organizations are looking for them. In some cases, charitable organizations may want items such as pallets for special events or simply for storage.


If you decide to recycle wood that’s unpainted and pallets that haven’t been made of treated wood or painted wood, you can talk to your local municipality about where to do it. Most of the time, you can bring these items to any recycling facility that handles building materials. In some cases, they may simply reclaim the pallets and recycle the unpainted wood. Remember that this only applies to unpainted wood and pallets that aren’t made of painted or treated lumber. Painted and treated lumber poses threats to the environment and the people who handle it, so you have to make certain that you don’t mix this up with untreated materials that are safe to recycle.