Recycle Your Wood Pallets

There is usually an option to either recycle or reuse wood pallets. Wood pallets, however, are oftentimes made out of treated lumber or have come into contact with contaminants during usage that makes them poor candidates for regular recycling. Whether or not you can recycle these useful items will depend upon whether or not they are made of treated lumber and whether or not they are in good condition.


You can almost always dump off used wood pallets at any warehouse or other facility that makes use of them. They’re useful to so many different types of businesses that even old ones that have seen a bit of abuse are usually welcomed. Before you go off to the recycler or the disposal facility, make sure that there are no local businesses that want these items. If not, you have a couple of different options.


Recycling wood pallets is only possible if you’re dealing with lumber that hasn’t been treated. If you have untreated lumber, wood pallets can be almost completely recycled. The wood can be reclaimed, of course, as can the metal that makes up the nails and other parts that hold the pallet together.

If you’re dealing with wood pallets that are made out of treated wood, they generally cannot be recycled. The treatment materials used in the wood are very toxic and, most of the time, these types of pallets need to be trucked off to a facility that is equipped to burn wood that is contaminated with these materials. If this is the case, the entire pallet will generally be destroyed. Wood pallets made out of treated wood, however, can oftentimes be reused because of the durability of the treated lumber, so be certain to ask around and see if anybody wants them before you do anything else.