Window Recycling

Any window in your home can be recycled. The main component of the window, of course, is glass. Glass is one of the most recyclable materials around. There is also a wood, plastic and other materials that are used on most windows that may also be able to be recycled. Windows are part of building materials recycling, and this is one of the most productive and profitable areas of the recycling industry.


Recycling glass is something that everybody should do. Glass is so highly recyclable that it’s a tremendous waste not to make use of it again. The only limitation on recycling glass is that glass can only be recycled into glass of the same color. Beyond this, there are no limits. This is why glass recycling is usually one of the first parts of municipal recycling programs when they start up. It’s one of the easiest materials to get rid of and most recycling plants will be happy to take it.

How It’s Recycled

Recycling window glass is actually a very simple process. The glasses simply melted back down and remade into whatever is needed. Before it is melted down, of course, it is crushed into a manageable material.

Other materials that make up window designs will be separated out from the glass. Would they be taken off and recycled by one business and plastic by another, for example. Metal parts, such as locks and other hardware, can also be recycled. Even though your window may be one of the simplest devices in your home, there are plenty of components that make it up that are easy to recycle and that help to preserve the environment when you do recycle them. There are many building materials that are easy to recycle, so be sure to check your local listings to see who handles them in your area.