Recycling Old Video Games

Video Games

Video games have become a billion dollar industry around the world. Each and every year, millions of people all across the globe are buying the hottest new video games and consoles to entertain themselves with. New video games come out on an almost weekly basis. Due to the influx of games being produced, many people take their old games and discard them in the trash or let them pile up in their homes or in their garages. The result of throwing these games and consoles away can have a deeply negative impact on our environment that many video game enthusiasts are unaware of. It is estimated that over 2 billion tons of the waste that goes into landfills is e-waste like video games and video game consoles.

Why Recycle Video Games?

Many people are not aware that the materials used to make electronics like video games and video game consoles have hazardous chemicals or other types of waste that can devastate the environment. Many of these games and their consoles end up on the back of a garbage truck and being dumped at a landfill. These chemicals over time seep out of the video game consoles and games themselves and poison the soil. Some of the material these games and consoles are produced with end up taking over 1,000 years to decompose!

How Video Games are Recycled

There are tons of different ways that gamers can go about getting rid of their old, unused video games without destroying the environment. One of the best ways to recycle video games is to take them to special centers that will break down the materials for reuse as other useful products. Other organizations will allow you to donate or sell your games to them and they will redistribute them to other people who might enjoy playing them.