Do You Know How to Dispose of a UV Fluorescent Suntan Lamp?

There are certain types of lamps that need to be used in tanning beds. Anyone who has a tanning bed in their home or who uses one on a regular basis will know that these lamps are unique. The UV fluorescent suntan lamp makes use of a couple of different things, including ultraviolet radiation. Generally, the suntan lamps that are available for home tanning beds have a lower wattage and a lower UVA spectrum than those of professional tanning beds. This does not mean that you can just discard of the lamps in just any manner. No matter what kind of tanning bed it came from, the UV fluorescent suntan lamp is equally as dangerous to the environment.

Why Are They Dangerous?

The UV fluorescent suntan lamp makes use of mercury in two different forms. Within that lamp is mercury vapor and the metal in a solid form. If you have read anything about mercury before, then you know just how dangerous it is. The mercury within those lamps is a neurotoxin, which means it can affect the neurons in the brain of humans and animals. In large enough doses, the metal can be toxic. That means, if the UV fluorescent suntan lamp is not handled in the proper way, it could release that mercury into the environment.

How Can They Be Disposed Of?

When it comes to handling the lamps, it is absolutely vital that you do not break them. This would release the mercury vapor. Instead of throwing the lamps in the trash, you will need to take them to a recycling center that can take them in. The lamps will then be discarded in a safe way so that mercury is never a danger to anyone.

If you ever need to dispose of a UV fluorescent suntan lamp, it is vital that you do not throw it in the trash. For the safety of the environment, make sure you discard of it properly.