Recycling Your Old Toilet

Information about Toilets

One of the perks of living in the 21st century is that most places around the world have some type of indoor plumbing. This indoor plumbing usually consists of a toilet that is used for the collection and disposal of human waste. Before the indoor toilet was invented, people used outdoor structures called outhouses for the disposal of human waste, which was more or less a deep hole dug into the ground with a small shack like structure built around it. Many people might be surprised to know that when they replace their current toilet with a new one that they can actually recycle their old toilet.

Why Recycle Old Toilets?

At first it may sound strange to think about recycling an old toilet, but there are a lot of good reasons for why you should consider doing so. One of the main reasons is to help prevent landfills from filling up. Porcelain is the material that most toilets are made from, and this type of material does not break down easily. Porcelain toilets take up a lot of room at the landfill and that is always bad news for the surrounding environment. Porcelain is a material that can be used to make many other useful items, so recycling your old toilet can be beneficial in helping to save resources.

How are Old Toilets Recycled?

There are several ways to go about recycling your old porcelain toilet. You should first contact the local recycling center in your area to see if they have a program set up for recycling porcelain. Once the porcelain toilets are dropped off at the center, the toilets will be taken somewhere and ground back into clay and used to create other porcelain items. Some porcelain is turned into a material similar to gravel and used on the side of the highway.