Where Can You Donate Small appliances in Not Working Condition?

It’s so tempting to just throw out small appliances in not working condition.  Nobody wants to buy them, right?  You have no use for them and no room for them in your house.  However, you can still recycle small appliances in not working condition, as well as those in working.

Small appliances, not working or working, still contain valuable parts…

How are small appliances not working re-used?  Many of these old appliances can still be used for their materials.  If you cannot donate the non-working item, then you can still collect and donate electronic parts.  Everything from cell phones to floppy discs, to old software can be re-used and formed into new paper, new plastic devices, and new discs.  Furthermore, the plastic and the metal from the discs can be used for other purposes.

Sources of assistance for recycling appliances…

When you gather small appliances not working together, you can either drop them off at a store like Office Depot (that accepts all sorts of appliances and electronics) or you can take them to a charity such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity.  You may have to ask if there are any conditions before bringing the items down.  Additionally, you can contact the local Municipal Department of Public Works and get information on how to go about donating the parts and materials.  There may be a specific drop location to use.

What is the best reason to recycle appliances?

Remember that small appliances should NOT be discarded along with garbage.  These items likely contain toxic materials, such as lead and other dangerous chemicals, and should not be placed into a landfill.  Not only do you have the opportunity to do something productive for the environment, you also have an obligation to stop contributing directly to a dangerous problem!  Let’s help conserve our resources!