Recycling Railroad Ties

When railroads are in constant use, the ties have to be replaced on an ongoing basis. It could be that the railroad ties get damaged from everyday wear and tear or it could be that something comes along that breaks them specifically. No matter the reason, hundreds of ties have to be replaced every year. Whether the railroad ties are made from wood or from metal, then they will need to be disposed of. You do not need to just through them away. You will need to know the proper thing to do with them.

On an important side note, the wooden types of railroad ties are treated to make them last longer. This treatment is usually either creosote or arsenic. That means that you should never ever try to dispose of the ties by burning them. You will be releasing harmful chemicals in the air that could make you and the people around you sick.

Why Recycle Railroad Ties?

Of course, with so many railroad ties being taken out of use on a regular basis, something will need to be done with them. You cannot burn the wooden ones, and there is even less that you can do with the steel ones. If you send them to a landfill, then they will take up a great amount of space, and we all know that the landfill is already taking up too much space. Instead, you should consider the option to recycle them.

How Can Railroad Ties be Recycled?

The wooden ties can be cleaned and then turned into many different things, including modern and stylish future. Steel railroad ties can be used as scrap metal, which can be melted down and used in many different steel projects.

If you have railroad ties that need disposal, make sure you do so in the proper manner. These items are extremely recyclable.