Recycle Your PVC Plastics

After PET and HDPE plastics, PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is the most popular type of plastic used in homes and industry.  This plastic can be formed to use in several different products, from upholstery and clothing to pipes and flooring.  Additional ingredients are added to PVC to ensure softer plastic, though it can also be quite hard, such as the plastic used in PVC pipes.  This plastic also does not contain some of the controversial chemicals that other plastics might, and that is why it is so commonly used for drinking water pipes.

Recycling PVC and Other Plastics

To recycle any PVC plastic in your home, you must find the right recycling facility.  Recycling plastic of any kind is often the same, but the materials must be kept separate.  This means you can’t drop your PVC plastic to a facility that collects only PET or HDPE plastics.

Once your plastic has been delivered to a collection facility, it will be bundled and crushed until it is nearly one piece of plastic.  That plastic will then be broken apart so that it can be heated and reformed into new products.  It’s a time consuming process that requires a lot of heat and some chemical use so that the new products can be clean and even sterile.

Dropping Off Your Plastic Materials

When you have found a PVC collection facility, it is as easy as driving by with your plastics.  You can call ahead to any of the collection centers listed with Recycle San Diego to ensure you have located the right place.  When you call, you can also check the operating hours so that you don’t arrive to find locked doors.

There is often no charge for collecting plastics, but it is always wise to ask.  In some cases, a fee may be charged if the collection company is coming to pick up the plastics for you.