Recycling Plastics – Polystyrene Peanuts (Non CRV)

Often, polystyrene peanuts are used as packaging materials even though they are extremely harmful to the environment. Most likely, you have seen these packaging peanuts quite often, and if you order anything to be shipped through the mail that might be fragile, the peanuts will be used. If you get anything shipped with the polystyrene peanuts and they are not CRV (cash refund valuable), then you need to consider getting them recycled.

Why Recycling is So Important

Polystyrene peanuts do not break down in landfills. Instead, the Styrofoam material could last for hundreds and hundreds of years and that will mean that the material will be taking up space in landfills. In addition, the peanuts are very light and they can blow away in the wind and they could mingle with nature. In this case, they become a hazard to wildlife since animals could very easily choke on the peanuts or become sick after ingesting them.

How they are Recycled

Polystyrene peanuts are not easily recycled because they contain dangerous chemicals. When they are heated up, they can be harmful to humans. For this reason, they need to be recycled in the proper manner by a company that knows particularly how to recycle Styrofoam without harming anyone. Be sure to only turn in packaging peanuts that have not come in contact with food or food products.

There are many types of items that are used in packaging and shipping that can be harmful to the environment. It is a good idea to try avoiding the use of these products. However, if you do receive packages with the polystyrene peanuts in them, then be sure to have them recycled properly. The peanuts can be harmful to the environment, humans animals if they are not recycled correctly, so make sure you take the time to do this.